Dhammaloka Buddhist Society

This society is named the “Dhammaloka Buddhist Society”. The name is a coined-word. It is composed of five words, viz. “Dhamma + Aloka + Buddha + Batha + Athin” Dhamma means ” Teachings and doctrines”. Aloka means ” light and Ray”. “Buddha” means “Gotama Buddha. At first He strived to fulfil the ten principal virtues or fulfillments to become Buddhahood in the infinite time frame of life spans of the earths for four Asankhyyeya and one hundred thousand life span of earths.


He was born as a human being in Lumbini Garden in modern Nepal in 623 BC. He attained Buddhahood in 588 BC under a Bo Tree (Banyan Tree). After becoming the highest glorified and holiest Buddha, He saved all kinds of beings and creatures for 45 years and entered into Parinibbana or passed away as a human being naturally. “Bhatha” means the teachings and discourses of the lord Buddha taught for 45 years relentlessly and unceasingly so as to let all the beings and creatures to enter Nirvana after realizing oneself the four Noble Truths. According to the definitions of the coined-word of “Buddha Batha”, i.e. Buddha + Batha, the Dhamma means the teachings and discourses of the Lord Buddha,, itself, and they are not “the teachings and discourses of the Gods and Creators mentioned in other kinds of religions.” “Athin” means a society or association representing a group or groups of human beings who have the same desire, wishes, opinions, views and objectives or goals. Therefore, this “Dhammaloka Buddhist Society” means that this Organization will illuminate the teachings of the Lord Buddha or the light of Buddhism where here were no such light previously and it will also propagate the light of Dhamma to be more and more brighter and to be permanently existing where the light of Dhamma is already lit there.

This “Dhammaloka Buddhist Society, Inc.” was formed and founded under the guidance of Yaynangyaung Sayadaw Ashin Zanita in the year 2544, Buddhist Era, i.e. August 14, 2000, Christian Era, or on the full moon day of Wagaung (the day of Loving-kindness), 1362, Myanmar Era, at 21.00 hour in a meeting of 38 persons, which represents the 38 rules for a beatific live (auspiciousness life) as taught by the Lord Buddha in His “Mangala Sutta”, at the auspicious residence of U Pe Than, wife Daw Mya Kywe and daughter Ma Nyo Nyo Than, 10101 SW 18th St., Davie, Florida 33324.


Body of Monks who give counsel or advice

- Rev. U Tejobhasa (Pariyatti Sasanahita Dhammacariya, Cetiyangana Dhammacariya, Sasanadhaja Siripavara Dhammacariya.) – Rev. Dr. Silanandabhivamsa (Aggamaha Pandita, Abhidhaja Aggamaha Saddhammajotikadhaja, Sa. Ca. A Dhammacariya, D.Litt.) (Deceased.) – Rev.Dr. Nyanissara (Aggamaha Pandita, Aggamaha Saddhammajotikadhaja, Mahadhammakathika Bahujanahitadhara, Aggamaha Ganthavacakapandita, Dhammacariya, Ph.D., D.Litt.) – Rev. U Zanita (Aggamaha Ganthavacakapandita, Dighabhanaka, Dighanikayakovida, Siripavara Dhammacariya). The above body of monks who give counsel or advice was also elected by the mass meeting of the Society. Then, Rev. U Zanita was elected as the permanent Chief Abbot of this Society. As the land for the monastery was not bought yet, he resided at the residence of U Pe Than, wife Daw Mya Kywe and daughter Ma Nyo Nyo Than as a temporary vihara or monastery form 08- 13- 200 to 02- 19- 2002, totalling about 18 months.


During that time U Pe Than and his family, who sponsored the building of the temporary monastery, did the meritorious deeds by fulfilling sundry matters and tasks of the Chief Abbot dutifully, including the offering of meals, various provisions, robes and medicine to the monk. Their stepson Maung Ye Win Zaw also tried very energetically so as to buy a property so as to house as the monastery for the monks.

This society was registered officially at the Administration Office of the Florida State on December 5, 2000 and it was recorded and registered officially as a “Non-Profit Association” with the exemption of Taxes. An Executive Committee Meeting of the Society was held on July 1, 2001, at the residence of U Pe Than so as to discuss to buy a property to house as the monastery. The E.C. members, led by the President U Aung Myint, donated $ 1,000 each for the principal fund which totalled upto $ 13,000 instantly. Later other funds, received as donations in the previous religious festivals such as Waso Festival etc., were added and it was totalled over 30,000. So, the E.C. members started to search for a land for the monastery. Rev. Sayadaw U Zanita himself, led the searching for land, together with president U Aung Myint and Dr. May Mon Kyaw Thint. They found the present property and, as they like it, they bought it with a price of $ 100,000 by paying an advance of $ 20,000 on December 28, 2001, under the ownership, in name sake of President U Aung Myint. Rev. Sayadaw U Zanita transferred from the temporary monastery, i.e. the residence of U Pe Than, to the new monastery on the Waxingday of Tabotwe, 1363, Myanmar Era, i.e. February 19, 2002, Christian Era, at 05;30 am; and he started to reside there. Rev. Ashin Ariyadhamma [Dhammacariya, Vinayavidu, B.Sc., M.A., (Bombay)] who is a disciple of Rev. Sagaing Sitagu Sayadaw, came to this monastery on November 3, 2003 and resided here since then so as to propagate the teaching of the Lord Buddha together with the Chief Abbot Rev.

Sayadaw U Zanita. Rev. Ashin Ariyadhamma went to Bombay, India, on June 15, 2004 so as to submit his Thesis for his doctorate Degree (Ph.D.) in the Bombay University. Rev. Ashin Sundara came to this monastery from Fort Wayne on June 30, 2004 so as to reside here temporarily together with Rev. Sayadaw U Zanita. After completion of his term of Buddhist Missionary Services dutifully, Rev. Sayadaw U Zanita went back to Myanmar on July 18, 2004. When Rev. U Zanita was about to return to Myanmar, he himself and the E.C. members of the Society considered to solve the problem of getting monks to reside in the monastery as and when necessary. They found the solution that, if the monastery together with the society were entrusted to Rev. Sitagu Sayadaw, he would be able to send the monks as he has many efficient monks in his Sitagu International Buddhist Academy.

The members of the Society can offer the four requisites of the monks. Thus, the guiding Guru, Rev. Sitagu Sayadaw, and the members of the Society, i.e. his disciples, will be able to propagate the teachings of the Lord Buddha in the long run. Therefore, the President, the Advisors or the Patrons, the E.C. members discussed about this with the members of the Society. As per the consent and arrangement of Rev. Sayadaw U Zanita, a supplication of handing over of the Society and the monastery to Rev. Sitagu Sayadaw was sent to him according to the decision of the E.C meeting held on 08- 29- 2004. Rev. Ashin Ariyadhamma came back to this monastery from India, after receiving the Doctorate Degree there, on August 28, 2004. On the next day, Rev. Ashin Sundara went back to Fort Wayne. Later, Rev. Dr. Ashin Ariyadhamma continued to reside in this monastery as the Chief Abbot. But he transferred to the Sitagu Buddha Vihara, Austin, Texas, on December 12, 2004, under the arrangement and administration of Rev. Sitagu Sayadaw. From that Sitagu Buddha Vihara, Austin, Rev. Dr. Ashin Pannajota came to this monastery on November 22, 2004, so as to reside here as the Chief Abbot, together with Rev. Waizayanta Sayadawgyi Ashin Kavisara. That Rev. Waizayanta Sayadawgyi went back to Austin, after staying here for two months, on February 3, 2005. Later on March 17, 2005, he went back to Myanmar.

A preparatory General Meeting for the commemoration of Fifth Anniversary of the “Dhammaloka Buddhist Society, Inc.” was held on Saturday, March 19, 2005. The Executive Members of the Society were reelected in this meeting. The Secretary Daw Myint Zu Soe was promoted to the Vice-President. Ko Sein Myint Aung was elected as the Secretary and Ko Hlaing Win was elected as the Joint Secretary. When Rev. Sayadaw U Zanita returned to Myanmar, there were only $ 31,600 as the remain dues for the payment of the cost of the monastery. Full payment was made on August 16, 2004 for that amount. So, there are no more mortgage payment for the monastery. After completion of the five years term as the President of the Society on August 7, 2005. Moreover, the remaining E.C. members were also reelected again by vote in the mass meeting held on august 27, 2005. (List of the E.C. members are shown separately later.) As a special case, the name of the owner of the Society was officially changed from “U Aung Myint” to the “Dhammaloka Buddhist Society, Inc.” on September 2, 2005. So, all the members of this Society are requested to try hand in hand so as to promote the development of the Society and the teachings of the Lord Buddha by donating monthly funds and other kinds of funds for sundry needs of the monks.

Then, Rev. Dr. Ashin Pannajota (Sasanadhaja Dhammacaariya, Vinayavidu, Ganavacaka Dhammacariya, Sasanankura Dhammacariya, Sasanankura Vinayavidu, Vinayadhika Siripavara Dhammacariya, Sasanajotipala Dhammacariya, Sasanahita ganavacaka Acariya, Sasanankura Anguttaranikaya Paliparagu, M.A., Ph.D.) a disciple of Rev. Sitagu Sayadaw, Professor and Assistant Registrar of Sitagu International Buddhist Academy, was assigned as Chief Abbot by Sitagu Sayadaw, and Ashin Pannajota was residing in this monastery as the Chief Abbot from December 12, 2004 to January, 2010.

In March 2010, Sayadaw U Zanita has returned to Dhammaloka Buddhist Society as Chief Abbot. During that time, Sayadaw U Zanita has asked two highly regarded monks, U Zawana and U Pinnatharmi, to reside at Dhammaloka Buddhist Society for day to day management of religious functions when he is away. Sayadaw U Zanita also holds leadership role at regional Buddhist Society in Myanmar (Burma), and Sayadaw will be going back and forth to Myanmar, to fulfill his religious duties. Dhammaloka Buddhist Society will continue to function and thrive with the directions of U Zawana and U Pinnatharmi when Chief Abbot is away, along with co-operation of Florida Burmese community.

List of the Extended Executive Committee Members 1. Ovadacariya Sayadaws (Guru Monks)

  • Rev. Bhaddanta Tejobhasa (Orlando Sayadaw)
  • Rev. Bhaddanta Kavisara (Waizayanta Sayadaw)
  • Rev. Bhaddanta Dr. Nyanissara (Sitagu Sayadaw)
  • Rev. Bhaddanta Zanita (Yenangyaung Sayadaw)

  • 2. Chief Abbot of the Monastery

  • Bhaddanta Zanita (Dhammaloka Sayadaw)
  • Ashin Zawana
  • Ashin Pinnatharmi

3. Patrons of the Society

  • U Thaung
  • Daw Khin Ma Gyi (Daw Padamyar Khin)
  • U Khin Maung Thein
  • U Pe Than
  • Dr. Khin Maung Tu
  • Dr. Pe Than Maung
  • U Tun Yi
    U Sein Tun
  • Daw Saw Mya Nwe
    U Maung Myo
  • U Lay Aung
  • Daw Myin Zu Soe

4. Executive Committee

  • President = U Aung Myint
  • Vice- President = U Phone Swe
  • Vice- President = Daw Tin Tin Win

Secretary  = Ko Ye Win Naing

6. Finance Subcommittee

Finance Incharge = Ma Nyo Nyo Than

8. Public Relations and Public Services Subcommittee Members

  • Ko Aye Min
  • Ko Aung Zayya
  • Ko Kyaw Than
  • Ko Tin Tun Aye
  • Ko Thein Htoo
  • Ko Moe Kyaw Thu (Ko Phil Phil)
  • Ko Sann Htoo Aung
  • Ko Zin Min Aung
  • Ko Thi Han
  • Ko Saing Saing
  • Ko Thet Oo
  • Ko Tint Lwin
  • Ko Aung Thu

~~ Dhammaloka Buddhist Society ~~

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